Parents try their best to take care of their kids in the best possible manner but those kids who are orphan (mother and father dead/one of them dead) face a lot of difficulties in their lives beginning from their childhood.

A video of a Chinese kid is going viral on the internet and it won’t be wrong to say that no one is able to stop his tears after watching the video.

In the video, the Chinese kid is seen sucking the nipples of a female dog as he has no milk to drink and he was very hungry. The name of the baby is said to be Nguyen Kim Yen and his mother died just after his birth because of which he couldn’t drink his mother’s milk and it was not easy for his relatives to provide for porridge and sugar water.

Here is the video:

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His father Mr. Trinh Tuan is taking care of the kid alone and it is certainly not easy for him but after this video went viral, many mothers from the country have sent milk for the kid under the program in which breast milk is saved for the orphaned kids.

The kid felt very happy after receiving milk from the mothers all over the country and undoubtedly it was really a great gesture as well.

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