Dogs are considered to be among the most intelligent, loyal and faithful animals that don’t hesitate in risking their own lives to protect their owner and family members. The relationship between a dog and its owner cannot be described in words on account of sheer love, dedication and reliability it involves and the same is the thing which makes this bond special and strong.

One such remarkable incident took place in Thailand where a courageous and smart dog chased a poisonous snake as soon as it noticed the venomous creature, held it from its mouth and threw the snake out of the owner’s home.

The alert dog got aware of the danger and put its own life at risk as it ran after the snake, prevented it from entering the house and protected the owner and other members of the family. The dog successfully drove the snake away from the place, thus making certain that other people living in the area are also safe and secured.

Here is the video:

The dog’s act has been showered with love and praises by the locals and it once again proves that we cannot find a better partner than dogs when it comes to loyalty and dependability.

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