There are thousands of photos and stories on internet which tell you about loving, caring and loyal dogs but there is one dark aspect of dogs as well and that are the aggressive nature of some dogs. Many times we have heard dogs attacking humans or dogs attacking other dogs which is really sad but it has a lot to do with the living conditions of the dog and whether he is properly trained or not.

Today, we will tell you about a cute dog, Willy Wonka who is a victim of dog-fight but he didn’t give up and fought with his injuries bravely. 2-yr old Willy is a bulldog-terrier and pit bull mix and one day when he was just roaming in his garden alone as his owner was out for some work, the neighbor’s dog broke the fence and attacked him which resulted in serious ear injuries to Willy. Both the ears of Willy were injured and he lost them but his inner ear canals were working because of which he was able to hear properly.

The dedicated staff at the veterinary hospital and shelter provided treatment to Willy but his owner gave him up for adoption as he was founding it difficult to pay for his treatment expenses.

The staff at shelter took proper care of Willy and when they found that he is a playful lovely dog, they nicknamed him as Sweet Willy.

But there is a twist in Willy’s story, don’t worry as it was for good as a veterinary technician, John Holmquist gave Willy a beautiful crocheted pair of ears which made him look cuter. Actually, John gave Willy a headband which is tied around his head and the ears are attached with the band.

The new look definitely created interest among the dog lovers and it also helped Willy in getting a new home and new family but he had to return to shelter soon as Willy and family’s other dog were not feeling comfortable with each other in the house.

Willy is back to shelter but we really hope that he gets a new home soon and we request you to visit shelters in your area and adopt a lovely furry friend if you have a desire to have one at home.

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