A fully starved lion in the forest of Colombia was shifted near its “Mother” in an effort to save its life.  A lion named Jupiter brought to its mother Ana Julia in an attempt to treat it.

Previously at young age, Jupiter was in a circus. There he got married and earned a title of “Kissing Lion”, when a video of him hugging his caregiver Ana Julia Torres went viral.

However, his life in circus was going to end as the authorities took Jupitar from Ana’s custody in 2019 as she lacked necessary paperwork to keep the lion. Jupitar was a star lion who gained much of media attention. Once again Jupitar was all around the news in 2020, but this time for a different reason. A video showing the lion at his animal enclosure under the Colombia Department was unable to walk.

This cause an uproar within the people and forced the Colombia Department to take necessary action. Jupiter missed his mother Ana who in supervision of authorities became very week. The lion became so week that it can barely walk. Its body shrieked to skeleton making a very miserable site.

The authority tried their best to restore its health but in vain. they were unable to understand what caused the lions deteriorating health. At last, the authorities decided to take Jupiter back to his mother Ana who can make sure that the lion become healthy. And to everyone surprise the lion came back to its shape within 3 months under the motherly supervision of his mother ana.