It is really painful to see your furry friend in pain but these beautiful, cute and cuddly creatures are very mischievous as well and they don’t leave any chance of creating or rather we should say getting into trouble.

Many times we have seen dogs fighting with other dogs or other animals in order to prove their supremacy or to make them run from near their house or their area.

However, this dog was quite unlucky as he made the mistake of getting in brawl with a hedgehog and the result was quite hurtful.

If you are not aware, then let us tell you that hedgehog is a spiny mammal which has spines on its body and whenever a hedgehog sense danger it rolls in a tight ball in defense with all the spines pointing outwards for protecting it.

These spines are actually hollow hair which are made hard with keratin but the good thing is that their spines are not poisonous as the spines of porcupines because of which the dog only got hurt but there was no risk to his life.

When the family members saw the dog’s face covered with spines, they took him to a veterinary doctor who not only removed those spines carefully but also provided medication to the dog and the family was able to bring their dog back to home after some time.

There are many videos on the Internet in which people have showed dogs fighting with hedgehog and porcupines and you can watch them in order to see how these small spiny animals protect themselves but be careful and don’t let your dog fight a hedgehog or a porcupine.

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