The snake tries his best to escape from death but in vain. The made it her meal.


Hanno a 43 years old tourist was enjoying his safari in Kruger National Park sighting lions and tigers and suddenly his attention was caught by an incident happening far from him.

He spotted a blue bird with a worm in its beak. When he zoomed his binoculars, he was surprised that the worm in beak of bird was a tiny snake.



The bird known as Startling is a group of bird with small and medium size which are found all around the world. They are famous for their mimic characteristics as they can mimic sound. They are found in different colors but mostly blue and black. Generally, they are found in large groups and are very social.



Coming back to the story the snake was caught by the bird and was trying all in its strength to set itself free. Hanno took out its camera and focused on the scene and started clicking. Video footage was not possible as the bird was very far and the camera was unable to zoom that far for video recording.


The average life span of this glossy Startling bird is 15-20 years.


Startling’s are omnivorous and can eat both flesh and variety of fruits, seeds etc. They have unique eating habit like digging the ground with their beak and picking insects from there to feed itself.



The snake was wrestling but the bird was winner at the end and she tear the flesh and started eating snake. That was the end of the snake.