The planet Earth is full of surprises, it’s just that you need to explore and expand the horizons of your knowledge and you will come across things and instances which you can’t believe they are true even in your dreams. Today we will let you know about some rare and weird animals which you won’t be able to see again:

1. Faith- the two-legged dog:

Faith was the name of a bipedal dog as it was born with two fully developed hind legs and one deformed front leg which had to be amputated when Faith was seven months of age. Jude Stringfellow adopted her and taught her to walk on her two hind legs despite the fact that veterinary doctors suggested to euthanize Faith.

2. Two headed pigs:

Few two-headed pigs have been found in Thailand and China and as per the doctors, it has happened because of the underdevelopment of twin pigs.

3. Snake with legs:

These crawling reptiles come in different colors, sizes, etc but a sixty-six year old woman got the shock of her life when she saw a snake in house but it had legs. Interestingly, for around 100 million years the snakes are living in this form only but as per a research around 150 million years ago, the snakes used to have legs.

4. Weird creature:

The photo of this weird creature was shared extensively on the internet and many claims were made regarding to its existence as well but in this article we want to make it clear that it is not an mysterious animal, it is just silicon artwork by Laira Maganuco who loves creepy and hybrid creatures.

5. The four-legged duck:

In 2007, a four-legged duck was born in Hampshire and the extra two legs were also fully developed just like the ones on which he used to run. The duck was named as Stumpy and this weird thing happened with him because of a mutation.

6. Two-headed snakes:

There have been few instances in which people have come across two-headed snakes despite the fact that the chances of their birth are very less. As per the doctors, this happens when twins fail to separate during the embryo development.

7. Octogoat:

In 2014, a goat with eight legs was born in Croatia and it was named as octogoat. What was more weird was that this baby goat had both male and female reproductive organs, as per the doctors this happened because of underdeveloped twin and this goat adopted the body parts of its twins.

In 2017, an octogoat was born in Kervashila of Balrampur district, Chattisgarh, India.

8. Human faced goat:

In 2021, a goat with human face was born in a village of Indian state of Gujarat and people worshipped it as if it is a miracle of god. The goat had four legs and ears like a goat but it didn’t had a tail and its remaining body looks of a human.

While this baby goat lived only for 10 minutes after its birth, a similar instance took place this year in November in a village of Madhya Pradesh, India.

9. Cyclops goat:

This baby goat was also born in Indian state of West Bengal, it suffered from a condition called cyclopia because of which it had single huge eye in the middle of the face with no nose. This baby goat survived only for 8 days and this was not the first time that a Cyclops goat was born.

10. The giraffe with crooked neck:

Gemina was the name of the giraffe who had crooked neck, she lived in Santa Barbara Zoo, California and for the first three years after her birth there was nothing wrong with her. The deformity in her neck started after three years and the scientists and doctors were not able to explain the reason behind it.

11. Muscular dog:

The dogs of Whippet breed usually have a lean physique but Wendy was famous all over the world as a uber muscle canine.

Did you knew about them earlier?