Sometimes, our flaws make us look unique and adorable. A German resident Ana found two sister kittens which she later named her Milli and Lilly.

They were merely four months old and not in a good condition. They had health issue with infection and mites in their ears.

Sighting them Ana decided to take them to vet and then nurse them as her own.

They were somewhat unique in their looks as both had white and black markings on their coat.

The cats and Ana grew fond with each other.

Ana saw some white patches appeared on Milli’s black coat and it gradually grew and expanded. This made Ana suspicious, so she took her to vet for examination.

There they found that cat is suffering from a rare condition called vitiligo. The condition causes discoloration of skin and fur due to loss of pigment.

The cat didn’t suffer and discomfort rather she grew more adorable day by day and looking at her skin color getting changed every day.


She looks more loving and adorable now. Really sometime a flaw can change the way you look in a beautiful way.