Snakes are known for not living longer life. But this two headed snake which are very rare to spot has stunned its handler as it enters its 17th year.

This black rat snake with two head having very slithering body and grown up to a length of five feet has exceeded its life expectancy which is very extraordinary.

The snake was found in a small-town Delta in Missouri in 2005 by a small boy. Afterward it was shifted to Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Centre.

According to Snake expert Steve it is very rare to spot two headed rat snakes with a probability of 1 in 100,000 and its survival for such a long time is even more surprising with a chance of one in a 100 million.

Steve also mentioned that he came into contact with another two headed snake which survived for 20 years. So it’s possible that they survive for that long even though it is rare.

Biologically they are two different snakes in a single slithering body.

X-Ray of the snake shows that they share same stomach so they just one need to be fed, But the handler feel that they should be fed through both of their mouth so that that their natural instinct gets stimulated and mentally they get enriched.

Their handler mentioned that normal snakes can eat an adult mouse with ease but it’s very difficult to fed them as they need to eat only small sized pests. Due to their conjoined spine which makes them difficult to swallow large mice. So, they are fed small young mice.

Even feeing them is very difficult as the two head starts fight to eat so we cover one head with a teacup and feed each head one by one. Then we wait for the food to pass through the junction then the next mouth is fed to avoid any congestion at the esophagus.

This food habit is one of the main reasons that these snakes do not survive long in the wild. Mainly most of the conjuring hatchlings feel difficult to survive so they are very rare to spot.

They even have issue with their locomotion as both the head get confused in which way to move. One more problem adds to their lest survival is that they are very prone to predators as they react very slow to danger.

This is why their survival for so long left scientist in surprise and astonish them.

The biology behind the birth of two headed snake is that they are born with two head when an individual egg is fertilized and starts to divide into twins. However, they do not separate fully. The developing embryo splits partially at the top but fail to separate downward which results in two headed snakes.

The main predators of two headed snake are fox, hawks and owls. Their survival skill is same as rattle snake. they fear their prey by coiling their body and vibrating like a rattle snake.

They are not venomous, but they can trike when feel danger.

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