The incident occurred in Madhya Pradesh, India in Kanha National Park were two hungry snakes were found fighting over a live catfish.



One of the snakes was successfully lifting a catfish in its mouth from the water for lunch and suddenly a second keelback snake attacked it on the tail to grab some of its prey. Fortunately, a tourist spotted it and took some perfectly timed photos and made some footage.



The two snakes were having a tussle for their priced possession, but the fish came out to be the winner. In between the fight of snake, the fish showed some strength and escaped from the trap of the snake.



All the three creatures were in a bizarre position wirled among each other for around 30 minutes. The snake which had held the fish in its mouth got tired and dropped the fish into water. The fish finding itself lucky enough swam fast into the water.



The hungry snake stuck there for few minutes and untangled and went in different direction without their food.

This keelback snakes are notorious water snake found in most of the water body in Asia whereas catfish is known for its strength and looks of a cat whisker.