Its a tale of a tiny dog who was born to conquer its fate and become a symbol of heroic endeavor is beautifully depicted in the great novel ” With a Little Faith”.

The owner abandoned the dog since it was born with only two legs.

A little puppy was born on the Christmas eve 2002 with congenital defect in the US. It was born with three legs with one being useless as it was shrunken and of no use.


Since its birth he was discriminated, starting with his mother who abandoned him and refused to feed him. The kind man who found him felt awful when he first saw his condition of having only two rear leg and decided that this can’t be the little puppy’s fate.


Jude and their family were very excited that they had got sch a lovely dog to play and take care of it as their own.

It was blessing for the dog that he got such a caring foster which took outmost care for the puppy. The small puppy stated gaining health in their house, although he was still quite feeble. Everyone feared that the poor puppy would perish.


Jude’s family, on the other hand, agreed to adopt it legally and take care of it as a family. Mrs. Jude named the adorable puppy Faith. She wished that the small dog should keep faith and perform miracle.

Faith struggle in its initial days and was getting use to with a skateboard that Mrs. Jude had built for him. Faith had to move for a long time by learning to skate on its skateboard by pushing it with her rear leg.


Mrs. Jude did lot of research and taught Faith to hop and jump and encouraged Faith to stand with its rear legs. Gradually Faith learned and its leg became strong enough to keep him standing erect and keep balance.

Faith was finally able to stand erect with his two legs with hard work and determination in just 6 months. the park was his favorite place to visit. There he loved to play with random people.

Faith soon became the focus of attention as people were curious about seeing the two-legged dog was no less than normal dogs. Everyone was affected and moved when they heard Faith’s story and emphasized how incredible it was that the small puppy has such remarkable energy to do so. As a result, everyone adored and admired Faith.

The small dog and its soul had healing ability.

Faith rose to fame as a dog with a rare deformity who was able to overcome it and was able to walk on its own. Faith appeared on several television show.


Faith later became a “healing psychologist”, whose zeal to leave happily even with two legs eased the emotional damage that injured troops experienced after the war. At the same time, he is the one who offers life inspiration and instill desire to combat illness to the hospital’s critically ill patients.

Faith became therapist to several patient.

Mrs. Jude Stringfellow choses to resign from her position as a teacher and decided to travel the world with Faith.” Even if you don’t have great body, remember you can still have wonderful soul.” This is what Mrs. Jude conveyed.

Hopefully, this story of an incredible little dog with all odds on its side  will inspire us to have greater faith, not to loose hope and never give up in the face of fate.

As the proverb says ” When the God closes one door, He opens another.”

One can achieve anything if one have faith and continue through that phase. Never give up.