In Punjab, India, two little puppies fell into a quite deep well and it was very difficult for them to get out of the well themselves. The puppies’ owner found out that they were missing and then heard their mother’s ceaseless and loud barking. On looking down the well, he got the shock of his lifetime as he saw a king cobra sitting beside the puppies.

But it was extremely surprising that the cobra did not threaten the puppies and instead it appeared as if the snake was protecting the two creatures from the water-filled well’s unsafe sides.

After being in the well for 48 hrs, the help finally arrived and amazingly, the king cobra crawled to the other side so that the puppies could be rescued. The puppies did not sustain any injury and the cobra too was released in the jungle.

Although cobras are counted among the most dangerous animals in the world, this incident has proved that they too have compassion and mercy for the ones in danger. Agree?

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