The incident occurred in Komodo island, Indonesia between two of the fiercest enemy of all time- the Komodo dragon and reticulate python. Both are apex predators of the wild and have their own ability to defeat their opponent. Their ability was in test when they fought with each other in this ultimate battle.


In the evening when the sun was setting a lone kudu appeared from the long grasses and saw the python nest. Slowly it moved towards the nest unknowing of the fact that python was inside the nest coiled and ready to strike.

As the kudu reached nearer to the nest the python strikes it with its full force and coiled it with its full strength. With lightning-fast speed, the snake strike kudu on its neck and coiled its massive body around the helpless kudu. This made kudu suffocating with each passing second.


Watch a Python Dead Wrap a Koмodo Dragon And Other Lizards - AZ Aniмals


The end of kudu was getting nearer but suddenly a big Komodo dragon arrived and changed the whole scenario. It attacked the python with its sharp claws and powerful blow by jaw and made the snake loosen its hold on kudu.


World's Deadliest Monster Lizards - Koмodo Dragon ʋs Python - YouTuƄe


The snake was bleeding and then Komodo put a final blow on the snake’s head and that brought the end of fight and snake as well.



As the snake was handled its now time for Komodo’s feast. Both of them savor on snake’s egg. The fight in the wild happens on regular basis for supremacy but todays Komodo registered their supremacy.