Trapped dog crying for help left unanswered.



This incident has opened a whole lot of conversation about lack of animal safety in our society. This type of incident on a regular basis and shows how animals are unsafe. Although the dog was rescued but the time it had to suffer under the trap was very heartening.



many a time the animals around us get hurt or injured due to human negligence and lack of awareness of the community. In case of pet dogs owners act very responsibly and look after them so that they do not get injured and are safe.



It is the duty of the community to work together for the safety of the animal around us and advocate for better safety law for the animals. It can be done through raising awareness campaign, supporting animal rescue groups and reporting authorities about people who do not treat animals properly.



The awareness programs can help people to deal with animals in distress and can respond to it in a appropriate way. One can at least contact local authority or local animal control agencies so that the animal can be rescued in time.



In conclusion the dog was spotted by a local and the responsible organization was called for. They came and removed the dog’s head from trap safely. All good when it ends good.