Martin and Oliver twin brothers were fishing in Netherland unexpectedly caught a very bright color Wales Catfish. Not only it was beautiful but also a huge catch for the brothers.



The Wales catfish is a native to European rivers and lake. It grows up to a size of 2.7 meters long a whooping weigh of 130kg.


Fisherman Catches Rare Bright-Yellow Catfish


The yellow color is not common in catfish. This is due to a rare genetic disorder caused due to insufficient melanin in the skin and scale. This disorder gave the fish beautiful banana yellow color.

This disorder gives beautiful look to the fish, but it has caused more harm than good, As the bright color attract predators easily and their life are in always danger and very few survive to adulthood.


can anyone tell me why this wels catfish is white? : r/Fishing


After catching fish Martin accidentally drop it into water but before that he had taken some stunning pictures of it. Afterward when asked he described that he had never seen such catfish in his life and is still in surprise that he got to catch this beautiful yellow color catfish.

They are the largest species of fish in freshwater ecosystem around the world. Which also make this yellow color fish special.