Snakes are among the most mysterious and dangerous reptiles, while some of the species are known for possessing highly harmful poison, there are some species which are considered as harmless by the animal experts. But still common people who don’t have much knowledge of snakes should keep away if they happen to see a snake as it is the best thing that they can do to save themselves.


There are thousands of photos of snakes on the internet as the wildlife photographers love to click them and what has always excited the wildlife photographers the most about these snakes is the fact that they come in various colors, designs, sizes, etc which makes them more beautiful and interesting.

However, have you ever heard about two-headed snake, well it rarely happens but it does happen that a snake with two heads takes birth and one such snake was photographed by Jason Talbott, 42, from Kansas, USA. The two-headed snake was first discovered by the friends of Jason and they brought it in the captivity after which Jason clicked it. What was quite interesting about this snake was that one head was more violent than the other one and it was attacking the other head quite regularly.


What made this snake ineffective was that a snake can bite only if both the heads cooperate with each other and non-cooperation between both the heads also made the movement very difficult. Though the snake had a scary appearance and it looked lethal but Jason stated that it was harmless and it’s bite is not even able of piercing the human skin.

Jason Talbott who loves to click the crawling reptiles has got bitten few times while fulfilling his passion and as per him, there is 1 out of 10K chance that a two-headed snake is born but he also admits that nothing can be said accurately as these are wild animals and their chances of survival in wildlife are extremely low.


What made the two-headed snake harmless is that both the heads have their own personalities but they are not able to act as per their wish because they have to share the same body. More than risky, it was entertaining to observe and watch this two-headed snake.

Life with two heads is certainly not an easy one, poor two-headed snake.

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