These fish which you all are about to see are from deep ocean and are brought to you by a Russian deep sea fisherman Roman Fedotova. He is based in Murmansk, Russia where he goes fishing for fish like cod and haddock but sometimes, he catches rarely seen species of fish.

The above fish is an accidental catch. These species of fish rarely get into trawl. These are one of such odd catch.


He goes around the Artic Ocean where he sets out deep sea trawls. With some luck he gets such fish, takes picture with different angles and uses it to post online.

Below is the picture taken by him of a Lycodes reticulate found in North Atlantic Ocean. He posted this picture online with a caption” They look like dwarves from the Lords of the Ring movie “.

This picture shows the fish with parasitic isopod in its mouth, that eats toung of its prey and then lives in its mouth.

The way he photographed this wired fish it looks much weirder. The below picture shows a fish called halibut with only one large eye but in reality, the other eyes is at far side.

One more of his rare catch is bearded sea devil which is a member of genus of anglerfish.

This deep-sea fish survive in a high pressure deep below the sea. But as soon as they are brought with great speed through the trawls, they die an unfortunate death due to pressure difference. Their yeys gets rapture and sometimes their organs get raptured due to pressure difference on the surface.

But this is how deep sea fishing is done. Its sad but reality.