One of the largest prehistoric tigers was ‘Sabre-toothed tiger’. But this crossbreed tiger is being compared to saber-toothed tiger due to its massive size which weigh 319kg.



The tiger came into limelight when its video was uploaded into YouTube and Insta. It is an offspring of a tiger and lion which grew to a massive size.


 Giant Apollo was seen with Mike Holston (right) and conserʋationist Kody Antle


The massive sized tiger seen is a hybrid offspring of a lion and a tiger.

The tiger has its social media name ” The Real Tarzan ” was seen with Mike Holston taking it on a walk.

it gets different name on social media “Apollo” by Kody who says that it is the biggest cat on the planet.
 The мonster-sized liger is the hybrid offspring of a lion and a tiger


Mike who is the caretaker of this tiger says that people are often curious that what does it eats? You will be astonished to know that it eats a lot, whatever comes to its way it eats it. He even furthers mention that herd of this type of tiger can easily consume an elephant in its breakfast.

Even though it is huge in size but is incredibly fast also. Within few steps it can reach to a speed of 40mph of speed.


 The huge feline weighs in at 705lƄ, which is around 319kg


people who have seen this cat are very impressed by it size and looks. Many comments flooded on social media have mention that It reminds them of Saber tooth cat which got instinct some time 42 thousand years ago.

Some says it’s not a cat it’s a monster and looks very insane.

 Ligers are мostly found in zoos and are the largest Ƅig cat in the world, weighing up to 795lƄ