This silvery carcass serpent like 18 feet long Oarfish was spotted by a marine science instructor while snorkeling at the south California coast.

Jasmine Santana the marine instructor who first spotted it took the help of 15 locals to drag that giant fish to the shore.

According to the Santana it was discovery of a lifetime. As it was rare to see this size of oarfish.

The marine team reached at the spot and claimed that they had never seen oarfish as big as this. The last oarfish that was spotted was mere 3 feet long.

Generally, oarfish dive as deep as 3000 feet so are generally rare to spot and are largely unstudied.

It was found dead when spotted mainly due to natural cause. The teem took samples of its tissue and some video footage that were later sent to biologists at the University of California, Santa Barbara for study purpose.

Above is the illustration of Oarfish from year 1850 shows a giant fish that inspired tales of sea serpents.

Jasmine was the first to spot the fish 30 feet under while snorkeling and grabbed it by tale to bring it to shore. The news spread like wildfire and people nearby came running to take a glimpse of the giant fish.

The oarfish can grow up to a mark of 50 feet resides in deep water where pressure is high. It is longest bony fish according to CIMI. This is the fish which is described in most of the mythological tales as sea serpent.

In 1996, a 23 feet oarfish was pulled ashore by Navy Seals that was found off the coast of San Deago, California.

I hope after its study the fish skeleton would be brought to display for people to watch it around the world.