The story depicts the animal’s affectionate and protective nature which make the baby feel safest when he is surrounded by his three furry protectors. The named Teddy is always having his favorite dog Milo around it all the time which protect him from the pet cat which always tries to poke the baby.

Milo is two years of age and is very young and energetic which loves to spend all the time with teddy.



Teddy’s mother revealed that he is always mischievous and try to break thins all around him. He remains awake for at least three to four hour and in such brief time he destroys my garlands and ornaments. However, Nico the other dog of the family is quick to safeguard my things from teddy.



Nico is Mama dog and only female pet in the house. Nico is always vigilant of Teddy breaking things. But Nico’s behavior has changed drastically after Teddy’s birth.



Teddy loves to play with toys, while his dogs play with the previous toys of Teddy. It has been noticed that many of the old toys of Teddy are taken by the pets and they play with it along Teddy. This is the perfect example of love bond between human and dogs and within them also.



Despite all the difficulties in being a new parent Teddy’s mother is unfazed. She says most of her time are saved as the canines take care of the kid and she can concentrate on other things. The love and care of these canine are commendable.



It is so beautiful to see the affection, protection and happiness all around when the canine are present with the kid. Teddy is a lucky kid having three furry companion who always watch over him and always there to protect him.